ClientMyStep Foundation
Duration85 days
Completion date30/08/2020

Project description

Schools of Aigeshat and Tandzut villages in Armavir Region of Armenia were the first to be included in the renovation program of “MyStep” Foundation. This schools were built in 1960-s and have not seen any renovation of the sporting and sanitary premises ever since. Actually Aigeshat school did not even have indoor toilets for the students. In 85 days we have completely renovated two gyms, corridors, toilets and dressing rooms of the schools, plus repaired the facade of the Tandzut school. 

We managed to do the work in Covid restriction conditions, without any evolvement of local labor and in a very tight schedule. Total reconstruction area was 730 sq.m. and the job was completed by a construction crew of 25 workers.

With a very meticulous attention to the details by the customer, a very raw design and drawings, tight schedule, remote location and Covid restrictions we managed to complete our commitment to be ready for the opening ceremony before the beginning of the school year.

The result of the work was inspected by the first lady Mrs. Hakobyan, Minister of Education Mr. Harutyunyan, board members of MyStep foundation and other officials. The quality of the work and caring approach of the construction personnel was mentioned by the both directors of the schools during the opening ceremony.