Operating in the construction services market of Armenia since 2004.

Our Services

Concrete structures and frames – the basis of the basis. You can trust us the backbone of your buildings: we use the  best raw materials, follow all the technological steps and requirements.

We build and make metallic structures and items of any difficulty and sizes. We can prepare the structures both on site and in our own facilities.

Finishing work is the most challenging job in the construction  because it requires a lot of attention to the detail and a great sense of responsibility. We have all the right approach to make the finish of your property look absolutely great!

HVAC system and its elements are essential for the comfort in your building. Our specialists have been in many different projects that included HVAC systems for many different applications and sizes. Trust us your comfort and get your desired micro climate in your building.

Power supply systems require strict, organized approach and uncompromising quality.  We can add to it any kind of automation and remote control elements for all the equipment and lighting. Plus we can install BMS systems and all types of low voltage systems.

We offer turn-key construction of private houses based on individual orders. Our services include design, paperwork and permits, all types of construction work.